TV Credits: Live At Gotham

Why He's On The Site: Julian is a handsome young lad that's making a name for himself throughout NYC...Julian's act is very cringe, as he loves to pick on stereotypes while discussing his personal life...Julian is very intelligent and his act shows that. he can work any type of room and has great chops when interacting with the crowd...Julian regularly opens for Cringe Humor Legend Colin Quinn...McCullough had paid his dues in NJ, and it's great to see him being passed at all the major NYC rooms

Official Bio: Julian was born at 11:30 am in Philadelphia PA on May 29th 1979. He has since accomplished several noteworthy accomplishments. Literally, like a few. He became a varsity shortstop at age 17, the same age he first smoked pot in Colin Del Rossi's mom's basement. Coincidentally, this is the same year he quit being a varsity shortstop. He then attended a state subsidized university, graduated, and promptly pretended that it never happened. Coincidentally this was the same year Julian started doing stand up comedy. Several girlfriends and a drinking problem later, he moved to New York City, specifically Brooklyn. Coincidentally, this is where Julian started playing dead on his street to avoid being mugged. Hundreds of lonely nights later, Julian has become one of the hottest up and coming comedians in NYC, playing regularly at the Comedy Cellar, Carolines on Broadway and Stand Up New York. He appeared this year on television as part of Comedy Central's "Live! at Gotham." He also appeared at this year's Montreal Comedy Festival's "New Faces" show. And if you are still reading this you are probably Julian McCullough. Or Colin Del Rossi's mom.


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