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Why He's On The Site: DiPaolo is a bastard of a man who just doesn't give a fuck who he offends...An old school & intimidating comedian, Nick's brutal honesty is refreshing to see these days...DiPaolo is a regular on Tough Crowd and always kills with his cringe worthy one liners

Official Bio: In this day of soft, fluffy comedy, Nick Di Paolo's brutally honest performances stick out like a giant thumb you might find in a prop comic's bag. Before he embarked on his stand-up career, Nick majored in marketing at the University of Maine. After graduation he quickly put his degree to use by selling frozen steaks and seafood door to door out of the back of a pick up truck. After two years of smelling like surf n' turf he decided he'd had enough.

Desperate and penniless, Nick finally hit rock bottom. One day, while wandering the beach alone in Revere, Massachusetts and contemplating his future, he came upon a large group of people listening to a man on a stage with a microphone. It was at that exact moment Nick saw his way out of his financial bind. That's right - he entered the "Best Tan on the Beach" contest! "I figured hey, I'm Italian, it's July, how can I lose?" But lose he did. Feeling pale and defeated he later found himself drowning his sorrows at a local bar in Boston. He once again came upon a large group of people listening to a man on stage with a microphone - only this time the man was telling jokes and not very good ones. It occurred to Nick "Hey, this is something I can do and it doesn't involve pigmentation".

He launched his comedy career in Boston and two years later made the jump to New York, where he found his seething, sarcastic style was welcomed with open arms by New York audiences at such clubs as Catch a Rising Star and The Comic Strip. It was at clubs like these were he honed his uncompromising point of view, which makes him not only a club favorite, but a true "comic's comic".

His range has allowed him to perform on shows as tame as The Tonight Show, yet as edgy as HBO's Young Comedians Special and David Letterman. As if this wasn't enough, he was twice nominated for an Emmy for his writing on The Chris Rock Show. Not limited to stand-up and writing, Nick had a recurring role on ABC's Grace Under Fire and has appeared on other hit shows such as News Radio, as well as in films. A critic for the Winnipeg Press said it best when he described Nick as " Gentle as a starved wolverine and as predictable as a tipsy-hop through a minefield, Nick Di Paolo is an experience constrained only slightly by the demands of stand up comedy."

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